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Maritime transport is the best alternative to transport large quantities of merchandise at competitive prices. We collaborate with different shipping companies, whether they are full or partial containers with all kinds of materials.

Shipping Method

Full Load FCL 

This type of shipment is used when the merchandise requires the total space of the container. Maritime transport, thanks to the enormous quantities of merchandise that can be transported in a single trip,  so, provided that the transit time allows it, it is the most suitable mode for transporting virtually any type of merchandise.

Part Load LCL

As its name implies, it is merchandise that occupies less space than the total of a full container, so said container will be shared with the merchandise of other customers.


Dry Cargo   20′, 40′ DC

High Cargo 20′, 40′ HC

Open Top   20′, 40′ OT

Flat Racks   20′, 40′ FR

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Image by Erik Odiin
Image by Bernd Dittrich
Image by Mika Baumeister
Image by Dimitry Anikin
Mega Container Ship docked at port durin
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